Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am excited to highlight the exuberant jewelry by Karryn Mahle -- from her own line called "Part of the Heart." The first time I saw “Part of the Heart” jewelry in another charming Michigan boutique, I was fascinated. The jewelry was striking and it was so lovingly packaged and presented. We are delighted to add “Part of the Heart” jewelry to Just So!'s collection of Michigan artists. Read on for Karryn's deeply moving personal story of inspiration:

"A moment lasts forever when you are able to do what you love. This I know to be true for my life has been enriched in ways I never could have imagined since I began “Part of the Heart.”

While working in Radiation Oncology, I met incredible people who were bravely fighting, surviving & overcoming an unsolicited disease. The patients' courage touched me to my core and I embarked on a journey of self. I began creating wearable art in 1995. My art is created with the finest baubles from all over the world. I now have over 25 lines of jewelry! My passion is unending and my desire to create is ALWAYS present! What an amazing turn of events that the patients who inspired me to start one journey have now helped me find vigor for another. I was diagnosed with cancer in August '01. Talk about coming full circle! I am forever changed. Don't wait for a diagnosis to open your eye to the beauty of each moment. Cherish those close to you. Allow your chest to breathe in life. Embrace & Delight in the now! DEVOUR LIFE! ... Karryn"

Wow. Celebrate the Day, indeed.

Welcome Karryn, welcome “Part of the Heart.” We're proud you hail from Michigan and you are truly gifts!

Part of the Heart

Eclectically Chic

Emily Lazo is "Eclectically Chic!"

Rich textures and strong colors fill this collection of supple faux leather handbags. Handmade in Pennsylvania, this artist has strong Michigan ties and a luxurious sense of style.

She also makes decorative accessories, belts, makeup bags, and more — which may be custom ordered from her directly.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wood and Gem Treasures by Duane Wiedman

Duane Wiedman is a Livingston County woodcrafter with over forty years experience in various woodworking disciplines.

Inspired by their unique characteristics and points of origin, Duane selects choice woods and semi-precious gemstones for each of his one-of-a-kind stoppers. Each piece is hand turned on a lathe and finished by hand.

For a wine enthusiast, a fine craft enthusiast or any host or hostess, Duane's handcrafted treasures are certain to be prized.

(It was very hard to just pick a few of these designs!)

Vintage-Chic Handbags by CindyGert

Handbags By cindygert

Wool fibers and vintage fabrics inspire Cindy’s creativity. In her talented hands, a rare buckle or fascinating button can become centerpieces for the most charming and cheerful embellishments. Her handbags are made with up to 90% upcycled materials and include a custom booklet, called "A Purse Story," that tells the story behind each design's creation.

The name "cindygert" is in honor of her grandmother, Gertrude. This also happens to be her middle name.

Local to the Brighton area, Cindy's bags have caught the attention of collectors and fine craft enthusiasts across the country. Cindygert's truly one-of-a-kind bags are growing an impressive following in some of the country's most up and coming boutiques. Nab yours while she is still something of a local secret. I firmly believe cindygert will be appearing on a craft program or boutique near you soon!

Her blog address is:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Michigan Matters

As an owner of a small boutique and jewelry studio in Michigan, I am frequently approached by local artisans and businesses who create exceptional artwork and handmade items. These are the types of things that anyone would find interesting, attractive or desirable for themselves or for fine gift-giving. Certainly, we believe our handmade jewelry at Just So! fits that description, but I know of many other fine Michigan artisan-made products.

I thought it would be interesting to highlight these fine Michigan products and the artists and businesses that create them. For businesses and individuals who are looking to give fine gifts that TRULY benefit a local business, the Michigan Fine Gifts blog is intended to be a valuable resource.

Over the years, I have been adding some of these products to our offerings at Just So!. I am proud when a customer is excited by a fascinating item that would seem to have come from the East or West Coast, and it was made almost in their own backyard. Our customers are always delighted to learn about fine local products...and so am I.

It is my hope that this blog spreads the word about fine products and businesses that hail from Michigan. Enjoy!

P.S. If you would like to contribute suggestions or alert me to other fine products, please feel free to contact me at I'll be delighted to hear from you.